Three Reasons Why You Should Carry A Common Place Book

When I first heard about a common place book, I had been taking a three hour long creative writing course. My teacher explained that running around with this tiny little book would be a requirement to pass the course and, in all honesty, I thought he was crazy. Journaling, while therapeutic for some, is not my forte and I wasn’t too happy about having to do so for a class. It was not until a few weeks after getting used to carrying around this little book of oddities and wonder, that I started to see its value and potential to make my life both more memorable and less stress inducing!

  1. 1. It's A Self-Discovery Tool

    In the course of the day we have millions of thoughts running through our heads. Some of them might be worthwhile, others might seem idiotic but no matter what they will always be interesting. Having this tiny brown book in your back pocket gives you the opportunity to cherish your thoughts a little more, let go of the stresses and discover what silly things might make you feel joyous (like drinking milkshakes at 12 a.m. in Casey's with your friends) or miserable (like when you get a bad grade in a class that you thought would be super easy). 

  2. 2. It Can Help You Stay Organized 

    We all have those professors who assign way too much work that they want completed in less than ideal time. This is when you can use your common place notebook as a mini planner. Simply pull out your notebook and jot down due dates and assignments without having to lug around an oversized planner that we both know is cute, but you barely use. Once I turned my common place into my mini planner I finally was on top of those random mini assignments and note quizzes that I would usually miss because they’re not on syllabus.

  3. 3. There Are No Rules

    One of my absolute favorite parts about having my common place notebook is that literally anything goes! If you want to use it to draw, then go draw! If you like to take down quotes from movies, music, or even your friends, add them in there! Even if you simply want to use it as a scrapbook then by all means go ahead! This is your personal notebook of adventure! Feel free to use it accordingly! 

So there you have it! Three Reasons why you should carry a common place notebook! I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! To purchase your very own notebook you can order one off of Amazon or buy one at Target or even the Dollar Store.