Sustainable Ways to Donate

I’m sure with the new trends regarding sustainability, Marie Kondo, and minimalism, most people are asking the same question:

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Well yes - there are several places you can donate your used clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, etc. besides their local Salvation Army, at their local blue bin, or leave it on the side of the road.

For example:

  1. 1. Local Women and Homeless Shelters

    One of the most ovbious places to donate. They often take gently used clothing, baby toys, books, and even gift cards. If you want to really beneficial, put some sealed packaged hygeine products and nonperishable food in the boxes or bags you donate. They’re always in need of those products.

  2. 2. Local Libraries

    Believe it or not, libraries will often take more than just used books. Sometimes they take easy to clean furniture like wooden chairs, cookware for programs or staff, office and craft supplies, reusable bags, etc. They’ll really appriacte it.

  3. 3. Children’s and Research Hospitals

    Most children’s hospitals will allow donations of stuffed animals and on occansion clothing - provided both are clean, smoke-free, and in excellent condition.

  4. 4. Smaller Thrift and Antique Stores

    Small thrift stores - Ma&Pa style - will typically take anything. The walls are typically crammed with nick-knacks, the floor with furniture, bins with shoes and stuffed animals and purses, and the racks with clothes.

  5. 5. Overseas Relief Organizations

    Though this practice has come into question lately, as the influx of Western goods has heavily damaged the local econmoies in countries like Madagascar, Congo, Venezuela, etc. - some organizations still distribuate neccesties like nonperishable food and hygeine products, and vastly limit the amount of clothing and furniture that is brought into the country.

  6. 6. Natural Disaster Relief Programs

    With all the natural disasters in the past years - earthquakes, wildfires, floods, strong winds, eetc. - it’s no wonder that thousands of misplaced people are in need. There are great organizations like FEMA and Compassion International that allows people their belongings and sometimes their time.

  7. 7. Consignment Shops

    Of course, there’s the age old consignment shops. It’s sort of donating - you’re selling your belongings instead of giving them away. But still - your clothes aren’t landing in a landfill!

  8. 8. Gift Belongings to Friends

    You heard that right. Have a clothing swap party. Pass on gently used books or nick-knacks to family. Ask if your friend with one lamp and a kitchen table in her apartment wants a full couch set.

There are so many ways to donate, and if we could all do our part - well, global warming might actually reverse a little.

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