Spotify Podcasts to Give a Listen to

Over the last several months, while we were all in quarantine, I found myself getting bored and not really being motivated to do anything. Because of this, I decided to look up some podcasts on Spotify to kind of give me something to do and look forward to. Now, I havent tried listening to every single one of these, but I do plan on giving them all a try at some point down the road.

  1. 1. Stuff You Should Know

    Have you ever wondered how narcolepsy works? Have you ever wondered what the hell the obsession with heronin is and why people get so easily addicted to it? Two writers take you in depth to try and understand and help explain to us why certain things happen.

  2. 2. The Daily

    Are you too busy to read the news? Well, instead of reading it, listen to it. The New York Times newspaper reads all the daily news to you, so you don’t have to worry about reading up on it yourself after a busy day.

  3. 3. Unexplained

    There are so many things in the world that happen for no reason. Mysterious things that no one is able to explain. This podcast allows you to listen to some real-life crazy events that people are still unable to explain.

  4. 4. In The Dark

    This podcast offers soooo many insights into the law enforcement system. This podcast emerses you in how a murder went unsolved for 27 years, and it could have been solved so much quicker than that.

  5. 5. The Michelle Obama Podcast

    Michelle Obama, who doesn’t love her!? Her podcast offers insights into deep conversations she has with her friends, family and other guests. She delves into what makes us who we are and why.

  6. 6. The Joe Rogan Experience

    Do you want to laugh? Try this one out. Joe Rogan has guests on his show all the time. This podcast is hilarious and offers a wide variety of guests for you to choose from.

  7. 7. Dr. Death

    Do you love true crime stories? Give this one a try. This series follows the trial and events of a neurosurgeon that was sencetnced to life in prison - well, that is after he killed two patients and completey maimed four other ones.

  8. 8. The Rewatchables

    Ever wonder why we watch the same movies over and over again? Give this podcast a listen to find out why.

  9. 9. 30 for 30

    Do you like sports? This podcast dives deep into sports teams, players and why sports have turned into what they are today.

  10. 10. Every Little Thing

    Do you ever wonder who invented pants? Do you ever wonder why boys are associated with the color blue and why girls are associated with the color pink? Do you ever wonder what certain things are actually made of? Really, just about every little question you could have is being answered by this podcast.

As I said before, I haven’t listened to all of these yet. There are so many more that I have found and want to listen to also. The wide range of genres above gives you a pretty good list to choose from, so I hope you end up finding something you like!