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The Sisterhood Without the Sorority

Every college-aged girl knows the negative stigma that ultimately comes hand-in-hand with sororities.  This could be one of the contributing factors as to why you came to Siena in the first place. However, what if you had the option to be a part of a club that only incorporates the positives of being in a sorority? Well…the newest club on campus could fill this void.

The Service Sisterhood is a club dedicated to:

                        -Instilling the meaning of self-worth among the women of Siena College.

                        -Engraving the feeling of self-admiration among women outside of the Siena community.

                        -Providing a mentoring program for the underclassmen at Siena College.

                        -Stimulating interest in the functioning of service within and outside of the Siena community.

                        -Developing a sense of professionalism in the field of fundraising.

My name is Katie Hingher and I’m a sophomore here at Siena. Along with my good friend from high school, Samantha DePasquale, we founded the Service Sisterhood. It all started out as a crazy idea we came up with this past summer after hearing all the stories from our friends who are in sororities on other campuses. We hated the horrible hazing these girls went through, and the judgment that goes on in those sorority houses. However, we loved the idea of helping out the community and raising money for people in need with girls that we are grateful to call our “sisters”. We admired this sister-like bond that these sorority girls had during school and way after graduation as well. This ultimately sparked our determination to make this sisterhood a reality; a sorority without the stigma.

The sisterhood is made up of “bigs” (the upperclassmen) and “littles” (the underclassmen). Each little is matched to a big based on their major and personality. This big/little pairing is crucial to the mentoring aspect of the sisterhood, both academically, socially, and mentally. Besides this one aspect that remains similar to positive sorority aspects, the Service Sisterhood also plans on engaging in community service on and off campus. The girls plan on teaming up with local soup kitchens, retirement homes, and homeless shelters not only to help people who are in need, but to also experience this alongside their sisters and further enhance their bond.


The powerful band of a sisterhood is one of the strongest and most inspiring things that money can’t buy. It’s all based on the common interests, unity, respect, and pride to express oneself without being judged or rejected. This feeling of being surrounded by sisters who appreciate and respect you for who you are is exactly what underclassmen need when trying to find their way in this new and independent college-world. We hope the Service Sisterhood will become a well-known and sought after club on campus in the future. The Service Sisterhood will make its’ first appearance in the late spring with a possible car wash and a pizza sale around campus during Siena Fest.

Engaging in on-campus fundraising, workshops, and mentoring events, this Service Sisterhood’s ultimate goal is to extend its branches to girls outside of the Siena community, as well as the “littles” on campus to take on these college challenges and make their time at Siena “The Experience of a Lifetime”.

good samaritan, washed-up athlete & especially gifted napper. (sophomore)
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