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The Quest to find Sassy Sodexo Jeff

Over the last couple of months, I’m sure all of you Her Campus readers have noticed the changes going on in our beloved dining hall.

Yes, I said beloved.

 Even though many may have their qualms with Saga, where else in the world can you eat Limmy’s omelets and Saga sit with Lisa for hours and hours? Nowhere!!

The staff is what makes The Dining Hall awesome, and if you want a little extra dose of awesome staffers, I strongly suggest reading the comment cards located right before you exit saga.

Not only do these cards help to make our dining experience better, (Uhm Hello we have an ice cream bar now!!), but they are also answered by the sass master supreme, Sodexo Jeff.


Praise to the Pumpkin Apple Soup gods? More like praise to the sass god that is Sodexo Jeff.

When I first saw these cards I immediately realized that I needed to talk to Sodexo Jeff, but like a unicorn or Pegasus, this mystical creature proved hard to find.

I mean, we all have important questions to ask him! Questions about the state of our frozen snack foods…

Or even about the MOVIE FROZEN!!

Perhaps even SpongeBob themed questions!!

 The Quest to find Sodexo Jeff is officially on!


Hello! My name's Kellyrose! An Art major from Siena, who has a definite addiction to coffee and pop culture. 
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