Paulina Murray - CSA Public Relations Officer

I think we can all agree that Siena is home to some pretty amazing people! One of the awesome, motivated, influential and involved individuals on Siena’s campus is Paulina Murray, the Public Relations Officer for the Commuter Student Association (CSA).

For most profiles, I usually write about the individual from my own point of view, giving them my personal take. However, Paulina had some spectacular things to say and I don’t want them to be indirectly written from my own perspective. So, this time I’m going to do things a little differently – Q&A format! Below is my interview with Paulina and her fun and interesting responses.

Her Campus Siena: Let’s get the basic information down! What is your year and major/minor/certificate?

Paulina Murray: I am a junior (’19) and am studying environmental sciences with a concentration in conservation. This semester I am taking courses focused on wildlife and the Adirondacks!

HCS: What is your on-campus involvement?

PM: On campus, I hold two leadership roles. I am the Public Relations Officer of the Commuter Student Association and am also a Commuter SAINT Orientation Leader. These professional experiences have really shaped who I am as a leader today.

I have also had the fortunate opportunity of participating in the Summer Scholars program here at Siena this past summer. I worked with my good friend, Katie Debell-Donnelly, and our advisor Dr. Kolozsvary the entire summer conducting a research project. The title of our project was called “Assessing the Validity of an Invasive Species Prioritization Model.” The Department of Environmental Conservation created a spatial analysis model which would allow them to make decisions on where to focus their time and money when dealing with invasive plant species in New York State. This was the most productive and enjoyable summer I’ve had as a young adult. I was able to do everything I love and get paid for it while gaining valuable skills. On an average day, I would hike a trail and then navigate off into the forest to get away from any human activity. My partner and I would find a spot in the forest where we identified every single plant species from the top to bottom. In the end, Katie and I created a poster for the Summer Research Symposium that we are very proud of and presented it at the Summer Research Symposium!

HCS: I don’t know if you have time for them with everything you do, but what are your hobbies?

PM: If you couldn’t tell, I love to hike. I can thank my father for that. Growing up, he always took me on adventures. So far, I have hiked mountains and trails all over the country. A few notable places include the Adirondacks, Yosemite National Park, the Redwood National and State Parks, Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier. I also love to kayak! Every summer I try to spend as much time on the water as possible.

HC: What are your plans for the future?

PM: I will be running for Secretary of the Commuter Student Association for 2018. I hope to move up to Executive Board and take on more responsibility for the association.

Spring semester, I will also be conducting an independent study with my advisor Dr. Kolozsvary. My topic and question are still to be determined but I hope to work with plants again in some way. As of right now, I am looking into agriculture, but I like to stay open-minded. A lot could change in just a few short weeks!

I hope to continue my academic career into graduate school someday. I value knowledge and learning - something I acquired from my mother.

Paulina is clearly an outdoorsy nature goddess. As you can see, she loves the environment and seeks to understand and protect it. I know I wasn’t going to give my personal take but I can’t help myself – the way Paulina loves her parents and thanks them for making her the person she is today is something I highly appreciate about her because I often think people take their parents and/or guardians for granted. Your parents are proud of you, Paulina, and so is Siena!