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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

My Fall semester is over in less than a week, and although I have been trying my hardest to supress the thought of only having one more semester of college, it has been on my mind. The past three and a half years seem to have flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was getting moved into my tiny freshman dorm room. I am grateful that my school was in-person the entire semester, especially since some schools decided to go completely remote due to the pandemic. Here are some ways that I plan to help ease my sadness about college almost being over, hopefully they will help you too!

Make Each Moment Last

There have definitely been times during my years at college where I have “wished the days away” because they were difficult or stressful. I’m going to try my best until graduation to live in the moment and not rush through the days. I want to enjoy the time I have while it’s still here, not wish it away just because I might have a larger workload.

Come Up with a List of Goals

Creating a list of things to accomplish before the end of the school year is a great way to ease your mind! You have something to look forward to and it gets your mind off of the end of the semester. The goals you make for yourself can be as specific or generic as you want them to be. Some ideas might be: healthy eating, working out during the week, drinking water instead of soda, reaching a step goal, calling a family member once a week, etc.

Talk with Friends

Keeping all of your thoughts and feelings in will only help some of the time. You have to eventually confront how you feel about the end of college and graduating, so talking to friends is key to helping you feel better. They most likely are having the same thoughts as you and can provide some perspective on how to think about it positively. It also just helps getting how you feel off your chest.

Ask Family for Advice

Even though my high school self would have hated me for writing this, I like asking my parents and family for advice. My parents and older sister have already experienced college and life outside of it, so I’ll definitely be talking to them about how I’m feeling. Even though she still has a year and a half left of college, my younger sister is usually pretty good at giving advice too because she is blunt and will tell you exactly how it is. 

Plan for After College

As much as I wish my time in college could last longer, or at least feel like it’s going by slower, it could be helpful to plan for the future. Planning will definitely ease your stress and worry, whether you have plans to work full time, continue your education, have an internship, travel, move back home, move out on your own, etc. It makes me look forward for what is to come after graduating!

I am still in the process of using my own suggestions, so I’m hoping they help a lot because it’s really starting to hit me how fast my college career is creeping up on me! Hopefully they help you if you are close to graduating too!

Nikki Gazdik is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. She studied Accounting during her time at Siena.