My Sister Goes To My College

At first, I thought it was going to be weird having my sister go to the same college as me. She’s only a year younger than me, so we have always been close and had some of the same friends, but I was worried that college was going to be different. Our mutual friends figured we would be attached at the hip and inseparable. I somewhat agreed with them and thought she might always want to hang out with me and my friends, which wouldn’t have given her the normal freshman orientation and being away from home experience. Then after thinking about it for a while, I figured she would probably make a ton of new friends and might never try to make time to see me. I was happy when I realized she was neither extreme.

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She did make a lot of new friends and meet new people, but she also had time to hang out with me. Some weeks we don’t get to see each other very much, maybe grabbing lunch together once. Other weeks we spend more time with each other. It’s the perfect amount, and I think we’re actually closer now after going to Siena together. We’re more comfortable confiding in each other and are able to be there for each other when we need it.

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My sister and I are also able to do a lot more fun things together. We go to Zumba together sometimes, go to basketball games, hang out with all of our friends and get meals whenever we want, just to name a few. We also spend more time together doing fun activities while we're at home!

It’s nice having a little piece of home with me at school too. I think it’s made the transition into college easier for her, and it definitely makes my second year at school easier too. Just knowing that I always have someone to talk to puts my mind at ease. It makes it a lot easier for my parents to visit us and for us to go home occasionally on the weekends too!

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I love having my sister go to the same college as me. It has definitely brought us closer together and I feel like I’ve gotten to know her more since she’s becoming more independent.