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My Perfectly Curated Itinerary for a Day Trip to Newport RI

If you are looking for a place that has the beach, a quaint downtown, and lots of shopping and food, Newport is the place. The beaches are the perfect place to go hang out with some friends or family and downtown is the best place to try out new restaurants and do some shopping. Since getting my license, my friends and I have been taking day trips to Newport multiple times a year. It's one of our favorite places and so we have curated the perfect day and the best places to go and spend your time. Now make sure to grab some friends and good coffee and buckle up and get ready for the perfect day trip to Rhode Island. 

The first stop of the day is the beach. There are a few different beaches to go to, my favorite being Sachuest Beach, more commonly known as Second Beach. I definitely recommend getting there early due to crowds and while the tide is low. It is the perfect beach to swim, play games on the sand, read a good book, or just hangout with friends. Depending on which beach you go to determines how much you will pay for parking and how close you are to the center of town, but everything is within a fifteen to twenty minute drive, so no matter where you go it is never far. 

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The next stop would be lunch. There are so many cute restaurants and places to eat near the beaches but also in the downtown area so there is an option for everyone. The place my friends and I love to go is called Flo’s Clam Shack. They have delicious seafood and there is a balcony you can sit on and look out at the beach. I also really love a place called Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant. They have really good sandwiches and salads and they are down town so it’s nice because you are around all the other stores and waterfront. 

After having lunch I like to go to the Cliff walk. You can walk all along the coast, or usually my friends and I like to go to the end of it where there is an incredible view and sit on the rocks and hang out. You have to park on the side of the street and walk a little to get to the rocks and small beach, but it is so worth it for the view. We usually bring a speaker and blankets and just sit and hangout for a while enjoying the time in the sun. 

After that we usually like to go down town and shop around. I love going to the The Black Dog store as well as little jewelry boutiques and other cute stores that you might not shop in anywhere else. We also like to go to the pier and lookout at all the boats and the water. And finally while down town we like to go to our favorite ice cream place to get some ice cream. It’s name is Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice cream and while eating the ice cream we sit on the wall outside the shop.  

Then after that we usually call it a day and head back home, but sometimes we like to stay and have dinner and then watch the sunset at the beach before heading back. There are so many good outdoor dining options and it's beautiful to watch the sun go down while enjoying a meal looking out at the water. Nothing beats ending the perfect day on the beach watching the sun set. Finally, put on your favorite slow jams playlist and enjoy the time you get to spend with your friends. 

Caroline is senior at Siena College. She is an Accounting major with an Information Systems minor. She enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the beach or lake. She also enjoys finding the best local restaurants in Boston and exploring the city.
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