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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

A day without coffee? Yeah, I don’t think so. If you’re like me, you need your coffee. As a coffee obsessed college student, I am always looking for fun new small coffee shops to try, but I also stay loyal to my faves of course! 

Uncommon Grounds 

Literally the best, not sure what I would do without Uncommon Grounds. Their iced vanilla latte is my go to, but they dont have a bad item on their menu, including their bagels. They have shops in Albany, Clifton Park and Saratoga. Being from Clifton Park, I make it a weekly stop when I’m home. All of the shop’s locations are so cute and such a fun place to get work done or just hang out. 

Professor Java

I just found out about this place and couldn’t be more excited! It is so good and definently a close second to Uncomon Grounds. It’s super close to Siena, located on Wolf Road, so definently my new go to for now! I can’t decide what my favorite coffee is there! They have a huge selection of deliciuous lattes with super fun and creative names, oh and…pretty much any baked good you could want!

Bear’s Cup 

Bear’s Cup is definently one of my favorite once and a while treats!  It’s located in Bolton Landing, up by Lake George so it is a little bit of a hike, but so worth it! Another place where pretty much any coffee on their menu is amazing, but my personal favorite is any of their ided lattes. To make it even better, their bagels are just as amazing as their coffee…ahhh, the perfect breakfast combo! 


Love this place! They have such a cute and relaxing atmosphere.  Their cappuccinos are amazing and everything combined make for such a fun, cozy experience. If you like to get food with your coffee too, their paninis are so good, I can’t pick a favorite. MochaLisa’s is also located in Clifton Park and definently a frequent hangout for me and my friends. 

I always find an excuse to get coffee, especially at local, small coffee shops. Bad day? Coffee. Got a lot of work done? Coffee. Tired? Coffee. Good Day? Coffee. So hopefully now you too, can find any excuse to go get a coffee and pay these amazing coffee shops a visit! 

Emily is a senior Marketing student at Siena College. She loves being outdoors or doing anything with her friends, family or dog.