Mr. Siena Series - George Ghobriel

It’s the event that we’ve all been waiting for -- Mr. Siena! Get to know the contestants before you see them strutting their stuffs on stage. Up next is George Ghobriel, a freshman Business major with concentrations in Corporate Finance and Business Analytics!

Her Campus Siena: What made you want to become involved with Mr. Siena?

George Ghobriel: I had heard how much fun Mr. Siena is even before I started school here. It's for a good cause and I absolutely love performing so it just made sense to try out. I’m so glad to be a part of it all!

HCS: Have you done any service trips? If so, where?

GG: I went to Egypt during the winter of my sophomore year of high school. I saw first hand how little the people had but how grateful they were at the same time. I really didn't understand it. My parents immigrated to the US from Egypt and they were almost not sure if they were going to even be able to come. So I could've very well have grown up in Egypt and experienced the same destitution that so many people there face. What I realized though was instead of asking why things are the way they are, a more productive use of one's energy is to just be grateful for what our lives are like, just like the people of Egypt are. I came back to the States and I realized that I have been blessed with so much and I should use my blessings to spread blessings to others.

HCS: Are you doing any service trips in the spring?

GG: I’d love to serve in any capacity in available in the future!

HCS: Let’s give the people some hints… what is your special talent that we might see at Mr. Siena?

GG: I’ll be singing a song that I think will be a crowd pleaser!

HCS: What’s something that you want the Siena community to know about you?

GG: I am so glad to be able to attend an institution that takes service as seriously as Siena does. I’ve met so many great people and I cannot wait to see what else Siena has in store for me.

Mr. Siena is on Saturday, February 3rd at 8:00 pm in the Marcelle Athletic Complex (doors open at 7:00 pm)! Buy your Mr. Siena presale-tickets at the Welcome Desk in the Sarazen Student Union for $6, or at the door for $8. See you there, Saints!