Mr. Siena Series - Dan Heslin

It’s the event that we’ve all been waiting for -- Mr. Siena! Get to know the contestants before you see them strutting their stuffs on stage. Next up is junior Biology major, Dan Heslin!

Her Campus Siena: What made you want to become involved with Mr. Siena?

Dan Heslin: Seeing the shows the last two years and seeing how much fun the guys were having is what initially drew me in. But, what really made me want to become involved is that the show benefits Habitat for Humanity. I love what Habitat does, and I think that they are a wonderful organization, so being able to put this show on to help them raise money is such an incredible feeling.

HCS: Have you done any service trips? If so, where?

DH: I have not done any big service trips with the school, but I have gotten involved during Days of Service. I have helped out at a youth outreach program in Albany, and I have gone and helped at IPH as well as a no-kill animal shelter in Albany.

HCS: Which was your favorite experience?

DH: My favorite was the no-kill animal shelter. We went and sorted plastic bottles for the shelter, and that is how they make most of their money. We were only there for a couple hours, but we were told that we had just helped make over a few thousand dollars for the shelter, which was awesome! We also got to walk around the shelter and see the dogs and cats and other animals that they have taken in, and that was really cool! I definitely plan on going back there soon!

HCS: Are you doing any service trips in the spring?

DH: I am not doing any of the school trips, but since I am an RA, I am trying to organize a trip to one of the local food warehouses or an animal shelter to help them out for a bit!

HCS: Let’s give the people some hints… what is your special talent that we might see at Mr. Siena?

DH: Let’s just say that I’ll be tooting my own horn!

HCS: Any other pertinent information that you want the Siena community to know about you?

DH: I can slam a revolving door, and I can cook minute rice in 58 seconds. I like dogs and my hips don't lie. I enjoy breakfast foods, and I encourage everyone to come out and support Habitat above all else!

Mr. Siena is on Saturday, February 3rd at 8:00 pm in the Marcelle Athletic Complex (doors open at 7:00 pm)! Buy your Mr. Siena presale-tickets at the Welcome Desk in the Sarazen Student Union for $6, or at the door for $8. See you there, Saints!