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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

This week’s cutie is the sweetest friend and most down to earth person you’ll ever meet! You will most likely find Madisen cheerleading for your Siena Saints, or studying hard in her room for Biology. If you’re lucky enough to befriend this cutie, maybe she’ll be cheering for you too! Check her out down below:


Name: Madisen Wicker

Hometown: Pittsfield, MA

Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore

Relationship Status: Single as ever


Her Campus Siena: Who is your man crush?

Madisen: I love Adam Levine <3


Her Campus Siena: Woman Crush?

Madisen: Obviously The Queen Bee (Beyonce).


Her Campus Siena: What is your favorite animal?

Madisen: TURTLES, all the way.


Her Campus Siena: What is your favorite food?

Madisen: Does orange juice count?


Her Campus Siena: What are your favorite hobbies?

Madisen: I love cheerleading, Netflix and singing (although I’m the worst singer in the world).


Her Campus Siena: What do you love most about Siena?

Madisen: I love how nice everyone is all the time!


Her Campus Siena: Why did you choose Siena?

Madisen: I love how pretty the campus is, and it just feels like home.


Her Campus Siena: What are your plans after graduating?

Madisen: Going to medical school, fml.


Her Campus Siena: What is your favorite quality about a guy?

Madisen: You best be funny if you want to date me ;)


Her Campus Siena: What is your ideal date?

Madisen: Anything is fine as long as it’s something fun and childish!


Her Campus Siena: What is your biggest turn off?

Madisen: Don’t control my life and we’ll be good.


Her Campus Siena: Turn on?

Madisen: I love when people play with my hair :)


Her Campus Siena: Tell us something that not many people know about you.

Madisen: I have a giant teddy bear named Prince Henry!

Emily Wojtkowski is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Marketing and also minored in Education.