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Over winter break I was planning a sister date, which ended up traditionally consisting of dinner and a movie. While my sister and I were browsing movies currently showing in theatres, we stumbled across Little Women. I had never read the classic novel that the movie was based on, nor had any idea what the premise of the movie was. However, Little Women starred Emma Watson, and who doesn’t love an Emma Watson film?

To be concise, the movie is about four close-knit sisters who grow up in poverty, while their father is off at war. The movie continues to delve into each sister’s journey, from their career paths to their romantic relationships. One sister is a voracious writer trying to make it in the city, another has aspirations of touring Europe to become a famous painter, while one is a talented pianist, and the last has dreams of settling down to start a family.

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The movie does an excellent job of following each sister individually through their vocation, while intertwining their lives and illustrating their love for one another. Sitting in the theatre, I felt like the fifth sister. Each up and down in the film took an emotional toll on me. My sister and I both enjoyed how we could each identify with certain traits of these fictional sisters. It really connected us to the movie which inevitably enhanced our experience.

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I was so invested in the movie that the two hour and fifteen-minute duration flew by. Without spoiling too much, the movie successfully brought me to tears, but fortunately resolved into a happy, fulfilling ending. I highly recommend this movie to everyone – It was perfect way to spend time with my sister, but it would also make a fun girl’s night or rainy-day film!

Holly is a junior at Siena College, majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law Certificate and minoring in Spanish. She enjoys taco bell, being on Siena's cross country team and country music.
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