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Kristen Perrone ’17 – Her Campus Siena Senior Editor

Ever wonder who the wonderful ladies are behind the Her Campus Siena articles? This semester you'll find out! Check back in every now and then for our profiles of each member of the amazing Her Campus Siena team. 

Name: Kristen Perrone

Year: 2017 / Senior

Major: English with minors in Writing & Communications and Journalism 

Hometown: West Hempstead, NY

HC Siena: Why did you choose your major? 

KP: I entered college as an English major because it was really the only subject I knew I could do, but I was a little unsure about it. It wasn't until second semester freshman year that I ended up in an English class that showed me how enjoyable I found the work. Now as a senior, I can't imagine doing any other major. I love analyzing books and discussing the stories with others and, over the years, the major has helped me realize that I'm meant for a job that has to do with writing.

HC Siena: Why did you want to get involved with Her Campus Siena? 

KP: Before joining, I wasn't in a club that entailed both something I was passionate about and meeting with others who felt the same. When Her Campus Siena began in my sophomore year, I knew this was a chance to do something I love and get to know a lot of other English majors. I really can't imagine my college experience without it now. I've made such great friends through it and learned so much about the Siena community. This past September, I even started working as a National Writer for the main Her Campus site, so this organization really has the power to do so much for you if you put in the time.

HC Siena: What is your favorite part of working with Her Campus? 

KP: I love bonding with the other girls in Her Campus Siena. This year has been great because we've all gotten to know each other well despite what years we're in and what we're studying. It's amazing to be in this empowered group of girls and just feel comfortable hanging out together.

HC Siena: Out of all the articles you have written, which one is your favorite and why? 

KP: I love "If Gilmore Girls' Characters Were Siena Students," which I co-wrote with Susie Garcia soon after the Gilmore Girls revival came out. It started out as us texting jokingly about who characters would be and quickly turned into a Google Doc that was finished by the end of that day. I love writing about TV, so that was right up my alley. I also love all of the reflections I wrote about studying abroad in London. They're very personal and writing all of that down really clarified how I felt about the experience.

HC Siena: What is something that makes you happy? 

KP: Getting a new Entertainment Weekly magazine in the mail.

HC Siena: What would your memoir be called and why? 

KP: "'You Don't Seem Like You're From Long Island,' and Other Musings About My Identity." I've gotten that remark a lot from kids at Siena and even from two of my London flatmates who lived in other parts of New York. I always find it funny because there's definitely an unspoken stereotype of Long Islanders, and I guess I don't really fit it.

HC Siena: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring? 

KP: My journal, a good water supply, and probably a huge fear that this island experience will turn into something from Lost very quickly.

HC Siena: If you could choose a mentor, who would it be? 

KP: Emma Thompson. I really admire her career, and I think she's hilarious but also very classy and intelligent. I love how she also writes screenplays and books in addition to acting, and I think she knows how to tell stories in a way that's useful for any aspiring author or journalist to know.

HC Siena: Why do you think everyone should read Her Campus Siena? 

KP: You probably know at least one person involved in it or featured as a profile subject! We've grown as a publication so much over the years and are really a part of Siena now, and I think we produce quality, fun work that really appeals to any kind of Siena student.

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