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How to Prepare for Election Day in the Future

Going out and voting is so so important! This is the time to let all of your thoughts and opinions be heard through your choices on the ballot. With everything that’s been going on this year, life has been hectic for everyone, which means its easy to forget things or not be quite so sure on what you need to do! So here’s some important reminders to help you feel ready to go out on vote in future elections, and proudly exercise this wonderful right that we’ve all been given. 

Make Sure You’re Registered! 
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First things first, make sure you’ve registered to vote! Registering to vote ended on Ocotber 9th in New York this year and around the same time in other states, but it’s always good to double check! You should especially do this so you’re not potentially wasting your time waiting in line to vote, before being told that you’re not able to. This will save a lot of time and frustration! Even if you’re not registered to vote in this year’s election, please do not be discourged!! Register ASAP so that way you can be eligible for future local elections and any others that may arise from now, until the next presidental election.

Educate Yourself!

Before you go to vote, make sure you’re going into this making the best possible educated decsion for YOU. Block out what’s going on online, and what your friends or followers are posting. Focus on educating yourself for you and you alone so that way you can go into Election Day knowing you’re making a well thought out decision that’s entirely yours! Of course the presidential election is on the forefront of everyone’s minds (especially waiting on the results), but don’t forget to research the people that are running for your state and local positions as well! They are just as equally important when it comes to politics because they’re the ones in charge of what’s going on in your town, county, and state a.k.a. your home! You deserve to live somewhere where there is someone in charge who’s going to postively impact the majority of people that live there. Ask yourself, who’s going to do that for you?

Dress Comfortably!

It is super impotant to wear something comfortable on Election Day, because there’s a really good chance you could be standing in line for quite awhile! However, don’t be afraid to wear something that’s cute too, this is one of the most important events of the year, after all! Plus, why not not be ready to take a pic with that snazzy new “I Voted” sticker afterwards? Maybe it’ll encourage others to go out and vote too, I know I love a good free sticker now and then. At the very least, display it proudly knowing you helped to contribute to your country in a really beneficial way! But remember, THE most important accessory that you should be sporting on Election Day, is your mask!! Please don’t leave the house without it! Voting is so important, but so is being safe while we’re still in the middle of an on-going pandemic. 

Your voice matters, so go out there and use it! No matter if this is your first time you’re voting or not, it doesn’t get any less important! Exercise your right and look good while doing it!! Also, please be kind and patient when waiting on line to vote! Everyone is there to do the same thing that you are and with different restrictions in place this year (and possibly coming years), it’s important to do your part in helping things run as quickly and smoothly as possible. I hope that these reminders help to make you feel a little more prepared and confident going into future Election Day. You’ve got this!

Emma Henderson is currently a senior at Siena College. She is a communications major studying journalism with a writing minor. She hopes to be the next Carrie Bradshaw one day, writing for a fashion magazine, or becoming a YA author. In her free time she loves to read and she is obsessed with all things strawberries, sunflowers, and succulents. IG: @emchenderson
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