How I Study For Tests Effectively

Here are some ways I study for tests. These help me remember material better and recall things I have learned more easily.

  1. 1. Plan in Advance

    Knowing when your test is and exactly what material is on your test is key!

  2. 2. Study the Material In Numerous Ways

    Make practice tests, use index cards, have someone quiz you, create acronyms (where you can), use flow charts and diagrams and study with friends.

    Doing all of these things will allow you to study and learn material in a variety of ways. You will see the material in different ways and remember the ways you see it.

  3. 3. Remember to Take Breaks

    Taking breaks helps your brain regroup and get a refresher.

  4. 4. Study in One Hour Increments

    Studying in hour increments allows for your brain to not cram a lot of information at once. It allows you to remember things better in the long run and recall things easily. 

  5. 5. Don’t Stay Up Late, Especially the Night Before Your Test

    Rest is key, and getting rest the whole week working up to your test allows your brian and body to be fully prepared to take the test and do your best!

Good luck on your exams!