How to Find Holiday Gifts on a College Student Budget

It’s upon us: the season of gift giving and gift receiving. As fun and heart-warming as this situation is, it can take a definite toll on your already strained college student budget. At the same time, you don’t want to be cheap with your gifts for your loved ones. How can you find a way to give gifts that are both meaningful and cost-effective?

Look no further! Below are some tips to getting your holiday gifts on a college budget!

1. Make it yourself.

While we all have different skill sets when it comes to DIY-ing, it’s a great way to save some money on a gift that is personalized and special. Now’s the time to update those Pinterest boards!

2. Find it on Etsy.

Want to find ultra personalized gifts and support independent artisans? Shop Etsy this holiday season! Many artists from around the world sell their own homemade wares here at more reasonable prices, especially given the quality of the products. Read the reviews below the product to see what other people have thought of it!

3. Give the gift of gag.

While gag gifts aren’t for everyone on your list, the occasional gag gift - which can often be cheaper than its more serious counterpart - shows that you care about them and that you know them well enough to make them laugh.

4. Bulk order if shopping online.

If you’re planning on doing most of your holiday shopping online, try to order in bulk from the same website or vendor. Even if you’re not saving money on the gift itself, you can save some cash on the shipping fees.

5. Take advantage of online and in-store sales, as well as student discounts.

If there’s something that you know one of your friends would absolutely LOVE, don’t be afraid to take advantage of holiday sales and coupons - just be ready to pounce on the deal whenever it occurs!

Best of luck while searching for the best deals this holiday season!


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