How To Be Warm and Merry At Chowderfest


For those who don’t know, Chowderfest is coming up this weekend. It’s this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s a great opportunity to get super full before the super bowl on Sunday.


This is how it works according to

  • You pick up a ballot form and any participating establishment, you then eat a ton of different chowders for $1 a cup (3 oz. serving) and vote on your favorite.
  • You can vote online at or drop off your completed ballot at Saratoga Springs Heritage Area Visitor Center or Saratoga Hilton. You can purchase an official Chowderfest Long-sleeve T-shirt for $10 or XXL for $12
  • The Award Ceremony is in the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area Visitor Center at 6:30 p.m.

To see who is participating you can click on this that will show the 2016 participants… there are even some contestants with dessert chowders…


Okay, so in order to get the chowder you have to go in and out of participating locations. This can result in you being a very cold. I’m here to help you out and tell you some helpful tricks of the trade to keep you warm during Chowderfest.



Tip #1 Wear a hat

According to Live Science, we lose 7 to 10 percent of body heat through out heads. So if you want to stay 7 to 10 percent warmer, you might want to wear a hat.

Tip #2 Buy some hand warmers

Not only are they fantastically awesome and convenient but they make your hands feel like your holding hot Cinnabuns all day.

Tip #3 Scarves are cute and keep you warm

Who doesn’t want to look cute and dress warm? Just make sure you don’t spill some chowder on your wonderful scarf.


Tip #4 Layer, layer, layer! 

This tip is a deal breaker. Wear as many things as possible without looking like a crazy person! By this I mean by throwing a flannel or a button down under a sweater, throwing a fur vest over a turtleneck sweater, or even just wearing two cardigans. By doing this it not only makes you look pretty chic (if you do it the right way) but it’s going to keep you warm.


Tip #5 Layer your pants with your leggings

I feel like everyone and their mom knows this tip. Throw some thermal leggings or tights under your jeans.


Tip #6 Thick socks

If I’m ever cold, it’s always my toes. My mom swears by SmartWool socks and obviously mother always knows best. Since you obviously don’t have time to go shopping around for wool socks, I recommend using fuzzy socks or just your thickest pair. If you don’t have a thick pair maybe go buy some… it’ll be worth the extra trip. 

Tip #7 Wear some gloves

If you’re somehow going to school at Siena and not wearing gloves… what breed of animal are you? It’s cold up here. Wear your gloves and stuff them with the hand warmers from Tip #2. 

Tip #8 Eat more chowder and stay hydrated

Okay, so now you probably just think I’m messing with you. In reality, I’m being completely real with you. Consuming more food will help your body handle the cold better because keeps your blood sugar up to produce energy that keeps you warm. What is just awesome 


I hope you stay warm and eat enough chower to last a life time! See you there.