Holly Cheverton - Director of Student Success and Academic Advising

If you’ve ever been to Siena’s “ER” for help or guidance then you have probably met or know Holly. Holly Cheverton is Siena’s Director of Student Success and Academic Advising, you can find her in Siena Hall 215. She jokingly calls her office the “ER” because they get asked all sorts of questions about academic issues and emergencies. Everyone comes to them for answers.

Her Campus Siena: How many years have you been at Siena?

Holly Cheverton: Seventeen.

HCS: What college did you attend and what was your major?

HC: California State Long Beach for undergrad, where I was a psych major. Towson University for my masters MA and I majored in Experimental Psychology. SUNY Albany for social/personality psychology, part of the doc program.

HCS: What is your favorite part about being at Siena?

HC: The students and the sense of community.

HCS: What advice would you give incoming Siena students to succeed here?

HC: Be open-minded about what you study and get involved in trying new things. Ask for help and advice when needed.

HCS: What are your hobbies?

HC: Reading books and traveling with friends or to see friends.

HCS: What is the most difficult part of your job here at Siena?

HC: I work with probation students and students who need a lot of extra help. The difficult part is not being able to help all of them succeed. The good, however, is when you get to see students who once were struggling discover their strengths, succeed and flourish at Siena.

HCS: Do you have a role model?

HC: My husband, he is the most motivated, kind, inspirational and patient person I know.

HCS: Favorite Disney princess and why?

HC: Princess Leia, she is a very strong character and does not take crap from men.

HCS: Favorite season and why?

HC: Fall, because growing up in California, I never got to see the leaves change colors. I love the beautiful leaves and the crisp cool air.