Fun Winter Activities to do with your Bae and Friends

The air outside grows colder and it becomes unbearable to go out without wearing a coat. All of our favorite parts of the outdoors in the spring through fall have come to an end due to the cold, with many activities and places starting to close. So what are we supposed to do for the winter months to keep ourselves busy and having fun? Well, I have gathered a bunch of activities (with friends’ input!) varying from stuff you can do with your bae or your BFF or friend group. Some activities are outdoors and some are indoors. I hope y’all like them!

First lets look fun dates:

Obviously any of the activities in this article can be fun dates with bae, but these activities would just be a little weird to do with your friends or would just be more fun with your bae instead of your friends.

Sleigh ride:

Snuggle up to your loved one under the blankets, while looking at the beauty that snow can bring to the city or small town you’re from.

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Stroll down Main Street:

I’m almost positive every small town has a Main Street that the town decorates with Christmas lights and there is a perfect location, somewhere near or off this road of the town, with a Christmas tree which is beautifully decorated and lit all throughout the holidays. Grab bae and go arm-in-arm down the road gazing at the different lights and watch how the lights and snow intertwine to create the perfect winter night. A trip to the cities, where even the buildings are decorated, would be a nice a romantic winter getaway as well.

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Movie date:

Maybe you and bae spend almost every waking moment outside during the warmer months. If so, try hibernating with a good movie. Spice it up by making a fort to create a more comfortable sitting area for watching the movie. Order takeout or make food to have while you watch the movie

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This one goes with the movie one too. With winter comes blizzards, and the best part of blizzards with bae is cuddling to warm up and taking naps in between watching movies.

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Here are fun activities to do with your BFF/friend group:

These activities can easily be done with bae but are much better in groups.

Snowball fights 

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Gather your friends and divide into equal teams, create separate snow forts, and then let the games begin.

Play/watch a hockey game

With snow comes ice. What better winter activity than to play hockey with your friends? Or, go and watch a hockey game together.

Drinking games

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Move the outdoor field parties into the basement with drinking games ranging from slap cup, beer pong, etc. Spice up movie night and game night by adding in drinking rules to the games or adding a hat to the corner and take a drink every time a character looks like they’re wearing the hat. Drink when a character says their catchphrase or a certain word. Have fun and enjoy it with your (21+) friends.

Activities that are for both bae and friends

These activities are too hard to just point to one or the other because they're just as fun with either your love or your BFF(s).

Outdoor adrenaline fun

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Go out to the mountains and go snowboarding or skiing down the mountain. Go snowshoeing on the trails. Grab your ice skates and show off your moves on the ice rink. Go find a random hill around your town and get on a tube or sled and spend hours climbing up the hill and sliding down. Hop up on your snowmobiles and send it!

Outdoor fun

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Stay closer to home and build a snowman, give him a top hat...maybe he’ll come to life...probably not. Lay on the ground and make snow angels and compare who made bigger wings. Go running around catching snowflakes and act like little kids again.

Ice castle

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Some places have built structures out of ice to really make works of art out of the things winter brings. Grab your winter clothes and layer up while touring these beautiful structures. Lake Placid is home to one of these ice castles.


Mid-November is the beginning of deer season. Join bae on his next hunting trip; maybe you'll actually enjoy it. Grab your friends and make a weekend out of it. Rent a cabin, go hunting and have a great weekend with your pals or bae, or even both.

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Grab bae or your pals and let someone DJ, let someone else call out directions and just get lost on back roads and discover places that you didn’t know existed in your hometown. Take a drive and admire all of the Christmas decorations people in your town have put up.

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Indoor fun

Maybe you’re strictly against making any contact with the snow this winter; good thing there is fun stuff to do indoors still. To name a few: there is eating and sleeping, fully embracing hibernation. Invite people over and build gingerbread houses, do a giant puzzle, drink eggnog and watch holiday movies. Bake all of the delicious baked goods you see on Pinterest and Facebook. Don’t let the winter blues hold you down.

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Hopefully, you'll have fun this winter doing any of these activities...if not, summer will be back again soon. Until then, hold on through these few months of horribly cold weather.

Thank you again to everyone who told me their favorite winter activities for this article.

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