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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

Beginning of Freshman year was great!! I had a new friend group, we were going out on the weekends, and I felt like I was finally getting out of my comfort zone. Well, that quickly changed. Suddenly there was so much drama and things started to feel really toxic. Everyone’s true colors started to shine, which isn’t always bad, but we all ended up being really different. Slowly it got worse, the roommate issues started and I was the odd one out in our triple. The end of first semester was when things finally all fell apart, it felt like everyone was fighting and leaving people out (me being one of the ones who was always left out).  

I kept thinking, just wait until we all get back from winter break and it will all be better, everyone will have gotten over themselves and be excited to see each other again. I wish that were true, but things just got worse. It was like we didn’t even know each other anymore. Certain people in the group wanted nothing to do with a few of us, especially me it felt like, and would control the others to do the same. Honestly, at this point I felt like I had no friends. Of course, this wasn’t what I wanted. I loved Siena and thought it was the perfect school for me, but how could I have a good time here with no friends? Daily phone calls home — multiple times a day — and many tears were not how I wanted to spend my days in college. Yes of course there were people I could talk to if I really needed to and I had a much nicer roommate second semester, but everything still felt so lonely. I knew I had to do something to change, but being a quiet person that I was, I was really scared.

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If you can relate to my story in any way, first off, I am so sorry and wish no one had to go through what I went through. But keep your head up, it will get better, I promise. As the second semester started, I joined clubs: Her Campus of course, and Club Field Hockey. Both are so fun and I was glad to meet so many nice people. Being a shy person it took me a while, but now I see how important it really is to put yourself out there to meet new people. Now of course I didn’t become instant best friends with all these people, but I knew I could trust them and finally had more people to talk to!  


Now I am a Sophomore and don’t even feel like the same person. I am so thankful that I became more comfortable talking to people I didn’t know and getting out of my comfort zone. Over the summer I couldn’t wait for Sophomore year to start and finally have a fresh start! Then came the stomach ache of finding yet again another roommate. The class Facebook group was a savior. I messaged several people and a lot of them had already found other people, but at the last second I finally found two girls who were looking for a third roommate for a triple in Padua. I was worried because I hadn’t even heard of these girls or even seen them on campus, but I figured it was my last resort because I didn’t really want to go completely random again. I’m so glad I messaged these girls however, because they are some of the sweetest people and roommates I have met! We are all very similar and get along well. Their friends are super sweet and couldn’t be easier to get along with. The few friends I still had here also got along well with my roommates and now we are all a little friend group together! During Freshman year I never would have guessed I would like Sophomore year so much already, honestly I was debating even coming back. But now I finally am surrounded by super sweet, trusting people that are much more like me. 

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Now, I’m not telling my story to ask for pity or sympathy for my Freshman year or brag about my time so far as a Sophomore, but to encourage anyone that has had a tough semester or two or issues with their friends at any point in college. It can be so hard and so intimidating but eventually it will get better. As scary as it may seem, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Join clubs! Try new things! Things will fall into place, you will be surrounded by good people! 

Now go kill it!! You got this!!

Emily is a senior Marketing student at Siena College. She loves being outdoors or doing anything with her friends, family or dog.