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Firmin Alexander

Firmin Alexander

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Year: Sophomore.

Major: Computer Science.

Relationship Status: Single.

#1 Thing Your Parents Taught You: They taught me to be independent.

Favorite Movie: Austin Powers.

Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time.

Favorite Artist: Childish Gambino.

Favorite Food: Sushi.

Man Crush: Christian Bale (Batman).

Woman Crush: Meagan Good.

Favorite thing about Siena: The community.

Where can people at Siena find you? The gym.

Typical Outfit on a school day: Khakis, button up, flower hat, and Jordan’s.

What do you look for in a girl? Funny sense of humor, attractive, patient, and a face.

What is your ideal date? Dinner and a movie or spending time together on the couch.

What was your favorite date experience? I went to the movies and we came out to this restricted access spot. We stayed on the roof for a while and then the cops came… we ran.

Favorite Restaurant? The Farm (Brooklyn).

What are your plans after Siena? I want to own three companies.

Something not many people know about you? I went to military school.

What’s your favorite holiday and why? April fools because I’m mean.

Favorite Season and why? Spring because it rains a lot and the animals come out.

Most embarrassing moment: Farting during my high school graduation speech.

What is some advice for a freshman? Join clubs so you can meet older students who will give you better advice than me.

What clubs are you apart of? Excel Leadership Program, BLSU, Computer Science, Gaming Club, Operation Smile, and most importantly Mentoring. 

Logan is a senior English major with a Writing minor at Siena College. In her spare time, she writes for both Her Campus Siena and her own blog The Peculiar Porter. This spring she is heartbroken to graduate but knows eventually she'll have to enter the real world. She loves Mexican food, has a weird obsession with cacti and candles, and enjoys traveling to quirky places. You can follow her on twitter or Instagram (@thepeculiarporter) to get a glimpse into her life.
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