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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

As many of you may know, there has been a lot of heat circulating on this season of the Bachelor. Many fans (myself included) have been so frustrated with many of Pilot Pete’s decisions. Most recently, the biggest outrage in Bachelor Nation was Peter keeping Victoria F. Could this be the fatal mistake that keeps Peter from ending up with his future wife? According to my prediction, it just might be.

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If you have been loyally watching the Bachelor as I have, then you’ve seen all the previews of the finale. We see a clip of Chris Harrison telling Peter that they have just received some shocking news, followed by Peter breaking down in his hotel room. We also see a glimpse of Peter’s own mother, sobbing to him, begging for him to “not let her go.” What does this all mean?

Well, we know that Madison, who I think is Peter’s favorite girl, still hasn’t told Peter that she is waiting to have sex until marriage. She has said that if Peter had sex with any of the other girls, she would not be able to deal with that. So, here is my theory: Next week are fantasy suites, and we all know from Peter’s four times in the windmill that he definitely likes to have a good time. The only logical reason Peter could have for keeping Victoria F around (besides her emotional manipulation) is the fact that she is really hot, which we can’t even blame him for. Chances are, he probably sleeps with her. However, I still have hope that Peter has enough common sense to keep the final two down to Hannah Ann and Madison. Now here is where it gets juicy.

So at some point before Peter has to make a choice between the two, Madison finds out Peter had sex with Victoria, and leaves the show absolutely heartbroken and in a hurry. Peter, finally acknowledging Madison has been the one for him all along, starts off by telling Hannah Ann that she is not the one for him. Feeling guilty for breaking her heart, he knows she is still young and will find her person one day. Confident in his decision, Peter is ready to start the rest of his life with Madison when an uncomfortable Chris Harrison approaches him.

Chris tells Peter that Madison has left the show, and Peter, because he has no common sense, is so confused – he really didn’t see this one coming! He proceeds to have an emotional breakdown with the producers in his hotel room. He goes home to seek some clarity and talk to his family about it. His mother, having fallen in love with Madison when she met her at the renewal of her vows on Madison’s one-on-one, encourages Peter to not give up on the only normal girl he hasn’t sent home yet. I’m convinced Peter then flies out to Madison, has a very uncomfortable confrontation with her family when he shows up on their doorstep, and somehow convinces this girl to get back together with him.

Some people believe Peter got a girl pregnant. Others think he ends up with one of the other producers. Maybe this prediction will actually pan out. Either way, I think we can all agree that Pilot Pete is better off catching flights not feelings. Guess we’ll just have to watch and see!

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Samantha Fazio is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.