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Eric Church and Drive by Truckers

Eric Church and Drive by Truckers will be playing at the Times Union Center March 12. Listen to these 15 songs while you get ready to go to the concert tonight! 

Top 5 songs by Drive by Truckers 

1.  Used to Be a Cop

2. Decoration Day

3. Go Go Boots

4. Never Going to Change

5. Where the Devil Don’t Stay


Top 10 songs by Eric Church

1. Drink in My Hand 

2. Springsteen

3. Guys Like Me

4. Smoke a Little Smoke

5. Cold One

6. Love You the Most

7. Lightening 

8. Wreckingball 

9. Homeboy

10. These Boots


What to wear?


1. Boho

2. Mysterious

3. Sweet

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