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Empowered women empower women. What does this statement mean to you? For me, this statement really speaks to me. As women, we get our courage and strength by seeing other powerful girl bosses. Today around the world we see more women in places of power: in the workforce, politically, just everywhere now. This all starts with who you surround yourself with. Make friends with other women or girls who are self-confident, who are motivated, who have a drive and goals. The more people you surround yourself with who have the same goals or want the same things, will motivate you.

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Right now we don’t really have the luxury of making new, in-person friendships, so where else can we meet empowered women? The internet! Social media is a great place to start. Many people associate social media with hate or low self esteem, but if you follow the right people, they can motivate you to become a girl boss just like themselves. One girl I follow her name is Jaiden Ashlea, I have been following her since high school. She has been a constant girl boss, someone who I look up to. Her whole motto is being a girl boss and inspiring others to do the same. She recently started a podcast by herself, it’s called @nobraclubpodcast. Usually I do not like podcasts, because they are so long and I can never finish them. Well, Jaiden’s podcast is only about 15 to 30 minutes long max. If you get the time to check her out, go do!

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Start doing affirmations. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen the TikToks where parents make their little girls do affirmations in the morning and night. Affirmations are not just for children! We need to tell ourselves that we are beautiful, that we are loved, we love our body, we are smart, we deserve to be happy. Look at yourself in the mirror and replace those we’s with I’s. I am kind, I am pretty, I am smart. Whatever you need to say to yourself, say it. Once you start putting those words out, you will start to believe it.

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The end goal is for you to become one of the women who empower others. And we will get there, but it takes time and we need to love ourselves before we can love others and show them what they can do. So follow women who empower you, say affirmations so you believe in yourself, workout if thats what makes you feel better, cook or bake if thats what makes you feel your best. Find whatever you love and show other women that they can find what they love too.

Alexandra is currently in her third year at Siena College on the path of communications marketing. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, and playing tennis. Instagram: alexandragazdik
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