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Dear Siena College, 

Unfortunately the time has come for me to graduate. Even though I won’t be walking across the stage to receive my diploma until May, I wanted to write a thank you letter giving thanks for the time I spent as a student here. 

These four years have been incredible in terms of my growth socially and professionally, and I will never forget all of the memories I have made with my friends at a special place on Loudon Road called Siena College. 

I will always reminisce about strolling across campus under the canopy of green trees that turned colors in the fall. 

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I will never forget the way singing in the chapel for Chamber Singers rehearsal made me feel. Or never forget the way the sun shined through the stained glass windows in the chapel during Chamber Singers. I loved the way the light would shine on my music during a mid-day rehearsal. 

I will never forget the passion I felt while listening to other students speak during a Political Science seminar course. It would encourage me to gain a new perspective and never stop learning. 

I will never forget immersing myself in the French language and culture in my French classes, while in the back of my mind dreaming about studying in France. When in fact, that dream came true and I was able to use my French education to speak French in Paris. 

I will never forget the fun and thrill of Sienafest that always happened during the first beautiful spring day in the capital region. For me, Sienafest marked the first unofficial day of summer, because it was always a sunny day spent outside with friends. 

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I will always think about weekends spent with friends while exploring the Capital Region with my roommates. The concerts at the Times Union, roaming around Lark Street, or even taking the shuttle bus to Crossgates Mall freshman year when none of us had a car on campus. 


Sincerely, An Almost Graduate,

Cassidy Reid

My name is Cassidy! I am a senior at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. I am a double major in political science and French. I absolutely adore politics, photography, and cats.
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