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Cultural Shock of Moving from Home into a Dorm

The day I moved out was the most nerve-racking, yet exciting day of my life. “College is the best four years of your life” my dad’s voice echoed in my ear, “I wish I could repeat it.” As I walked into Ryan Hall for the first time since it became my new home, I was overwhelmed by the loud music and orientation leaders trying to act overly cheerful while in actuality they were dying inside, carrying all of the freshmen’s belongings. I looked at my new classmates and wondered which ones were going to be my new best friends, even though I didn’t think any of them would compare to the ones I had at home. 

Luckily, my roommate moved in after me. I think she would’ve been upset with the array of my stuff on her desk while was trying to unpack as well. 

The days passed and freshmen orientation didn’t get any easier, or more fun even though I had the best SAINT. I was overly tired after waking up at seven in the morning everyday and hadn’t made a solid friend group yet, besides my roommate. It was the last day of orientation and something clicked with the girls in my hall. My roommate and I invited some girls to hangout and a beautiful friendship formed. It only took five days to find my girls and now that we were together, college became like the movies: staying up all night, endlessly eating, and of course, partying.

It has taken a while to get adjusted to the fact that in college “me time” is nonexistent, being a major alone time enthusiast myself. But, I’ve come to adore being surrounded by the constant company of people I love. The open door policy is essential, always keeping your door open shows that you want people to stop by and make new friends. But of course feel free to shut it at any time. 

One more thing, communal bathrooms aren’t amazing. However, having to accept the situation, one must learn a few rules. Showers to start: never go into the middle stall. If the middle stall is the only one open, wait. Also showering in the morning or in the middle of the day almost guarantees that you will be able to play your music, instead of listening to others. If you listen to these tricks, communal bathrooms really aren’t as terrible as everyone makes them out to be.

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As much as I miss my family and friends at home, Siena has become my new home for the next four years and I’m so excited to see where it brings me. 


Tori is a freshman at Siena College. She is a communications journalism major and hopes to become a journalist for National Geographic or the New York Times and also creatively write. She enjoys Mcdonalds, eating, hanging out with friends, surfing, hiking, and Netflix. Follow her on instagram to see her adventures @torimangelli!
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