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College: Townhouse Edition

This year has definitely been a lot different than the rest of my college experience thus far. After only living in a small double for three years, I was extremely excited to be living in a bigger space with friends. Even when we chose our housing as Juniors, I knew that moving in with these ladies would be a lot of fun. Little did I know that they would be the people I would be getting my ears pierced with, having family dinners with every single night since the first day we moved in, and having slumber parties with in the living room after watching scary movies. This might get a little mushy (so watch out) but it’s just because these are truly some of the best people I have met.

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The differences between the past three years and now:

The tangible things – I finally am able to cook my own meals because I have a kitchen, there is a living room and dining area in the house, we have a front and a back door, the washers and dryers are right near the house, and we have dividers in each double so we basically have our own separate spaces in our rooms. 

The intangible things – my housemates and I have bonded so much over these last few months and I am so lucky to be living with such wonderful people, we all respect each other and are here for each other when we need it, we are finally Seniors and realize that this is our last year of school together before going out into the world.

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One of the things I enjoy the most about living with them are the family style dinners I mentioned. The first day we moved in, we talked about each of us making a meal for everyone during the first week. Since then, we haven’t stopped having family dinners together and I love it. It’s one of the things that I am able to look forward to during the day.

I also love that we are able to be ourselves around each other. Whether we are all dressed up to go to eat in Saratoga or it’s the morning after a night of drinking and we’re hungover, we still hype each other up. Due to COVID-19, we haven’t really been able to get off campus much besides getting groceries and going for walks, but we all click so well that we have a great time together just hanging out in our house.

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I am extremely thankful and happy that I live with such a great gal group. TH165 is the best and I can’t wait for the rest of Senior year living with them!

Nikki is currently in her final year in the 3+1 Masters in Accounting Program at Siena College. She loves art, turtles, the color blue and italian food (especially her mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs). She is currently working towards her CPA and just accepted a full time position at The Bonadio Group with the Commercial Audit Team!
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