College Girls Guide to Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it's better to be prepared than not! Thinking about what to be for your costume shouldn’t be something stressful, but rather something that you and your friends can have fun with! While this may not be the number one priority of things to worry about, sometimes costumes require some planning before the big night when you showcase it to all of your friends. Hopefully this article will give you a guide as to some things you could dress up as, what sort of things to think about, and how to make sure you have a fun night!

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Last year for my first Halloween at college, I knew what to expect, but my friends and I had to think long and hard about what we were going to be! My first suggestion to you is to have at least a few ideas in your head. While talking to people throughout the month of October, we had lots of different ideas but also ended up hearing some overlap with other friends of ours. Not that everyone can’t be the same thing, but sometimes it’s more fun to have something that’s just you and your group! Depending on when Halloween falls in the year, you’ll usually end up celebrating the weekend before or after. If Halloween blends into the weekend (Thursday, Friday or Saturday) it usually ends up being then. It’s best to have at least two costumes planned out since you know for a fact you’ll be out on the weekend!

Last year, my friends and I had the idea to be aliens for one night and put things together for it, only to realize that we never had an idea set in stone for the second night of the weekend! My biggest advice to you is to not spend a lot of money on these costumes! Odds are, they will get ruined so try not to use clothes or anything else that you really like. For the second night of costumes that we quickly pulled together, we went simple. We each bought a different color shirt, and bought white paint to paint the M&M’s logo on them. It was such a cute idea and cost us all less than $5 each! Feel free to make your costume a little bit more by adding other elements! When we were M&M’s we handed out small packages of the candy to people we saw that night! The key to Halloween is to make it as easy as possible (it is only one weekend)! 

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Also don’t rule out some easy costumes that you can just pull together! Characters from shows, or even just wearing jerseys still count as you dressing up and sometimes comfort is key when you’re planning on being out all night! Remember to have fun but also be safe! This holiday is one of the only ones that people really are able to celebrate on campus, so go all out!