Christmas Gifts for Under $20!

Although the weather certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas is approaching, the holiday season is among us. Christmas decorations started making their way into stores in early October, but you’ve kept thinking to yourself that it is way too soon to crank up the Mariah Carey and other holiday music. However, it’s never too soon to start thinking of Christmas gifts, especially if you’re restricted to a budget. Here are some cheap gift ideas for a Secret Santa, your friends, or anyone!

Cute winter mug with some tea packets, hot chocolate packets, and a ribbon on the side. You can get mugs for $10 or less on Amazon, or even at Target or Walmart! (Even better, Google discount mugs, there are plenty of sites that do custom mugs, some under $5!)

Fuzzy socks. Fuzzy scarves. Anything fuzzy. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with buying a few pair of colorful fuzzy socks for someone, and if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can get ones with polka dots or stripes.


If you’re super crafty, have you ever thought of crocheting or knitting someone a scarf? If not, there are ample amounts of youtube videos online, and you can purchase yarn relatively cheap from places like Target and Walmart.




Movie and popcorn. Years ago, Blockbuster would sell a giant bucket of popcorn, and it usually contained other movie related things. However, Blockbuster is no longer in business, but it doesn’t mean someone won’t appreciate a movie night at home! Hit up the Walmart $5 movie bin (which has more options than you’d expect), throw in a few bags of popcorn, and even grab some of the 98 cent theater boxes of candy.



Beauty basket. One of my favorite brands of nail polish is sinful colors, and it is sold in stores for generally around $1.99. They even have matte and neon colors now, so you really can't lose. If you get your friend a few colors of nail polish, and maybe even throw in a mint mask (or any facial mask, really), you can get your friend a mini-spa basket for under $15!



Sadly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals do not last forever, and especially as a college student, there is no shame in looking at sale items or even homemade items. Get the holiday music blasting, the creativity flowing, and don’t completely drain your wallet!