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Best Places On-Campus to Study/Take Remote Classes

Looking for a spot on campus where you can go over materials and study for classes, below are a few you can check out at Siena!

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Reserve a Study Room

These rooms offer an almost sound proof space to go over class materials. Located on the first and second floors of the library, is a quiet area with little distractions. Booking a study room is simple, all you have to do is do is search "siena study rooms" and click book a study room, then select the three/four hour time slot you need.

Outdoor Picnic Tables

During the late summer and early Fall, there are picnic tables disbursed all around campus for students to use at their leisure. Some are located in front of Roger Bacon, some to the left of the library, next to the Grotto, and by the Student Union. Being outside is a great option for studying and gives you some fresth air in the process.

Green Room

On the first floor of Roger Bacon and Morell is a green room where two of the walls are completely glass, letting in all of the sunlight for the growing plants. The room does get a little warm, but is a very relaxing place to get some hours in studying.

[bf_image id="3wcp5z4vxgn96s5jqxj8pngt"] There are many spots on campus to do some studying, I have not listed them all so there is some exploring for you to do!

Magen is a Health Science major at Siena college. She loves the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. She is also the VP of club tennis and treasurer of Make a Wish on campus. 
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