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Being a Political Science Major

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

As you can tell from the title of the article, I am majoring in political science at Siena College. I am going to tell you all the reasons why I love what I am studying and what I have learned by being a part of this field.


capitol building in D.C.
Photo by Caleb Perez from Unsplash

The People and the Professors

Every person I have met in the political science department has taught me something new because we all have different areas of research or extracurricular activities we are involved in. The same goes for professors because they are full of knowledge and are excellent mentors.

The Internships

Oh yes, the internships. Besides interning for an elected official, there are some unique internship opportunities for political science majors. Political science majors can intern in the legal field, lobbying field, policy writing field, or even in the field of government. I will say, internships in the political science field are a little harder to come by, especially during the pandemic, but when you find them, I highly recommend applying to them because they are an incredible experience. 

It Opens Your Eyes to New Beliefs

Everyday we are all exposed to new ideas and beliefs from people in our lives, such as our family, our coworkers, and people in our college classes. However, everyday in class, I am exposed to different perspectives based on the upbringing and the lives of other students. It helps me to better understand my own beliefs by having my eyes and ears open to the beliefs of others. 

You Have a Better Understanding of Laws and Policies

There is nothing better than knowing and understanding how new laws or the implementation of policies in any aspect of your life can impact yourself or the people around you. It’s a valuable skill that you learn majoring in political science because you always want to be aware and informed of how elected officials are making decisions that could impact you.

You Learn How to Find Credible Sources

Especially during a time when there’s so much going on in the news and around the world, it can be hard to find nonpartisan news that doesn’t have a political bias. I have learned that there are many news outlets that provide credible information. However, it’s up to myself, or the reader, to understand when there is a political bias. When you know there is a political bias, it can help you to determine the validity of the article.

Personally, I love my major. I hope that this article outlined the many reasons why I love studying government, law, and policies.

Cassidy Reid is a Siena College Class of 2021 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Political Science and French.