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This is going to be awkward. All three girls living together during fantasy suite week, we must be in for a while ride. I, of course, was on twitter while watching because I love reading the tweets. Everyone was surprised the producers did this, people thought they did it just to create more drama. Even though these girls can create enough drama themselves, this is the first time in Bachelor history that the girls stayed in a hotel room together for fantasy suite week. Let’s dive right into the tea!

First up…

Hannah Ann

I personally never thought she would make it this far. I thought she was pretty irrelevant and thought: “She’s cute, but not the one for Peter.” She gives me fake vibes, never seems like she can have a real, deep conversation with Peter. Their overall date felt short, they showed them jet skiing for maybe five minutes. The sunset was gorgeous and I am so jealous they got to visit Australia. If Peter chooses Hannah Ann, life with her would be boring, he would just be settling for someone he knows will love him, but not challenge him.

I absolutely hated the dress Hannah wore to the dinner portion. It “looks like a curtain” -Abby Luscier. My roommate was not wrong, her dress did resemble a curtain. Peter also said that he was in love with her, which means Peter is now in love with all the women. He is in a sticky situation if you ask me. The grossest part of their whole date was when they did their nose touching thing at the end of the dinner portion. They probably thought it looked cute; it just wasn’t. Overall, this was a very short date.

holding hands at sunset
Valentin Antonucci via Pexels

Second up…


I don’t know why she is still here. The most immature girl ever, she’s constantly running away from problems. Whenever she talks it sounds monotone, and never enthused. Something that I noticed on their date was how crusty Peter’s lips looked. Peter was definitely not using that Jeffree Star lip kit! They were brown and peeling, not very attractive Peter! 

I loved Victoria’s dress, I thought it was so pretty. I laughed when she was crying and wiped her tears away with her dress. Something that I caught Victoria saying al of every five seconds she would say like.

Very annoying. Every date that Peter and Victoria have, she always ends up crying, no matter what. I think Peter should have sent home Kelsey and Victoria last week, Victoria is just irrelevant at this point. If he picks her, I will be very surprised. Victoria also shouldn’t have been that butt hurt over Madison’s “ultimatum”, Madison wants to stick to her values and morals. Overall, Victoria just needs to go at this point.

I can\'t help you mad men sally draper
Lionsgate Television

Last up…


Their date was crazy, I would never climb that. The pictures were so cute that they took on this date! The view was amazing and Madison is the most genuine and cutest out of all the girls. They kept kissing at the top, which I thought they could have toned down a little. They should have focused on the view more.

The girls kept talking about Madison while she was on her date, which I thought was rude ,because it doesn’t really affect them. I didn’t hate or love Madison’s dress, we have all seen something like that before.

I think Madison should have told Peter that she was waiting until marriage when they had their talk after the rose ceremony. I like how Madison is standing her ground and is not compromising something that is important to her. Madison is such a queen! I understand where Madison is coming from, your boyfriend shouldn’t be sleeping with someone right before you get engaged. But at the same time it is the Bachelor, she should know what comes with doing this show. Overall, Madison should just win, Peter is clearly the most in love with her.

engagement ring in a box
Jackie Tsang

Stay tuned for next weeks article on the women tell all!

Alexandra Gazdik is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Marketing with a Concentration in Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications.