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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

As second semester kicks up for most people, so does the twenty-fourth season of ABC’s The Bachelor. With the semester starting, academics and new beginnings can be a huge distraction and can leave little to no time to catch up on one of the most dramatic reality TV show’s airing now. As a girl who will gladly carve hours out of her day to watch and catch up with Pilot Pete and his ladies, I’m here and more than willing to keep you updated on the first FIVE episodes of this season. Handling second semester? Difficult. Handling 30 women in their mid-twenties? Absolutely terrifying. Read along to see some of my favorite moments from this season and see how Peter handles one of the “most dramatic” seasons yet.

Caution: If you are planning on watching this and don’t want spoilers do NOT continue to read.

The Limo Arrivals: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The limo arrivals is probaly one of the most awkward moments during the season, the girls are nervous, Peter is probably forgetting every name the second another girl steps out of the limo, and some of the “jokes” air out Peter’s dirty laundry. For example, an absurd number of windmill references and jokes reaching back to Hannah Brown’s season. As awkward as this part of the show is, it certainely involves some of the most real reactions and emtions of the girls, unable to mask or fake the nerves they’re all obviously feeling. 

The Most Attractive Lady Out: Ashley P.

Absolutely one of the funniest moments of the night is the girls saying that Jenna just arrived and brought a small horse/pony. First of all, Ashley P. is not just some pony, she’s an emotional support cow, obviously. My vote goes to Ashley P. for the next bachelorette, jusy saying.

Hannah Brown and Group Dates Galore

The final gal out of the limo is, no surprise, Hannah Brown. Not to join the show, to return the wings that Peter gave to her when he got out of the limo way back when. After some cocktail party drama, eight girls are sent home and the season truly kicks off. First group date: flight school. Second group date, however, was where things really got crazy: Hannah Brown is running the show now. After telling the girls a long story about how she slept with their potential love interest, she and Peter have an emotional heart to heart backstage. This premiere episode ends off with us (and Hannah and Peter) questioning the future of the show. Will Hannah join the girls in the house?

Hannah’s Going Home

Hannah and Peter talk it out, and eventually come to the conclusion that she is not going to be joining the house. Unlike those of us watching this live who had to wait a week to find out, luckily for you the scroll couldn’t have taken more than a couple seconds! After this emotional decision, Peter cancels the group date opting for just the cocktail party afterwards, which many of the girls were not (like really not) happy about.

Champagne-Gate 2020: Kelsey vs Hannah Ann

Long story short, Kelsey brought a special bottle of champagne from home to share with Peter. Hannah Ann thinking it was one of the many bottles of champagne the producers put out around the house, opens it up with Peter. Kelsey has a complete meltdown and Hannah Ann tried to apologize, Kelsey called her fake and melts down at her special bottle and moment being stolen. Peter trief to make it up by opening a different bottle of champagne with her, and when Kelsey goes to drink it, it exploded in her face. 10/10 would recommend finding clips of this on Twitter and YouTube. 

Demi’s Great Awakening

One of the craziest group date ideas I’ve seen in all my years watching the Bachelor was brought to us by none other than Demi Burnett, who was a contestant on Colton’s season, as well, as Bachelor in Paradise. She brings the girls to an extreme pillow fighting ring, where they can actually duel for Peter’s heart and a group date rose. The pillow fight date raised tensions among the group, and led to Sydney voicing concerns over Alayah and the face she puts forward. The tensions continue into the next day at a pool party at the mansion, where many of the girls continue to voice concerns they have with Alayah. The finishing blow came from Victoria P. who told Peter how Alayah asked her to hide their friendship from producers, and with that in mind Peter sends Alayah back home to Texas.

One on One on Ex?

Victoria F. gets the one on one, which sounds like an absolute dream. They go for a flight and end up going on a date in an amusement park rented out just for Victoria F. and Peter. However this magical date takes a turn for Victoria when Peter suprises her with a live music show, featuring singer Chase Rice, who just so happens to be Victoria’s ex. Victoria spills all to Peter and like the gentleman he is, doesn’t send her home for it, she gets the date rose and they leave happily and much closer.

Now how could anyone think that was planned by producers?

The Big Game 2020

A large group date of 13 ladies takes on yet another weirdly violent and physically taxing group date: The Bachelor Bowl. The girls duke it out in a game of football to win the after party spots, and when the game ends in a tie, they all get invited to the cocktail party. Instead of 13 ladies though there’s 14, because Alayah comes back to stir up some trouble. Almost as quickly as Peter gives her an invite back into the house, the girls come down hard on Peter for his decision and Alayah for spreading the news of Victoria F.’s awkward date.

Basically, every Monday throws us another curveball filled with tears and drama and lots of planes. Here’s to Pilot Pete and hopefully his experience with turbulence is going to help him get through the rest of this season. Find more episode clips and recaps on ABC Entertainment’s official Bachelor page.

Hannah Gallagher is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Health Studies and Health Sciences.