Angie Corchado

Name: Angie Corchado

Age: 22

Graduation year: 2015

Major: Spanish with minors in Educational Studies and International Studies

Favorite movie: Fast and Furious 7

Favorite TV show: Community

Favorite genre of music: Sertaneja, a type of Brazilian music

HC Siena: What do you miss most about life at Siena?

Siena was always home for me and it’s bittersweet being away from it. I miss living on campus because it’s a completely different atmosphere, all of my friends were there. Sometimes I wish I was still there to see all my friends and hang out. I miss Netflix. I miss my roommate. She used to be kind of awesome. I miss not having to cook or having to pay for things. I also miss wifi.

HC Siena: So you really miss Siena Air?

In comparison to what I have now, which is nothing, yeah I do.

HC Siena: What would you change about Siena experience?

 I loved my Siena experience. This was partially the reason I only studied abroad for one semester—I was afraid of fomo. I studied in Valencia, Spain.

HC Siena: Where else have you traveled?

Mexico, and I got to go to Cancun. I’ve been to Ecuador, I’ve been to Spain two times, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Portugal twice and the UK. I’m going to Dublin for thanksgiving and then Morocco two weeks later. Oh, and also I’ve been to Brazil twice.

HC Siena: What was your favorite place and why?

I can’t choose between Brazil and Budapest! Brazil is a very beautiful place. There’s lots to see, it’s rich in culture, and I love the language. I made a lot of very good friends in Brazil so I’d love to visit them. I was able to see many famous sites, like the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain. I also took some classes in Brazil, like culture classes. We were able to learn about things in class, like cooking, and then see it in real life, at a restaurant or whatever.

The reason that Budapest my favorite of all the places I travelled to while I was studying abroad was its beautiful parliament building. It is just really beautiful architecture.

HC Siena: What are you up to now?

Now I am living in Spain with Auxiliar de Conversación, which is a program through the Spanish government to teach English.

HC Siena: Where are you living in Spain?

I live in Badajoz, Spain which is a small city and it’s literally on the border with Portugal. I can walk to Portugal.

HC Siena: What do you like most about Spain?

It’s very easy to travel because it’s cheap to travel to other countries in Europe and Africa.

HC Siena: What do you do on a daily basis?

During the work week, I go to my school from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm and then I have a siesta, where everything in Spain shuts down for two to three hours. Then I eat lunch and sometimes I take a nap. After, I tutor English for a few hours or go to a dance class. Then I’ll hang out with friends or go to my class, where I’m studying Portuguese.

HC Siena: What are your career goals?

This year, I’m doing the Auxiliar de Conversación program. Next year, I’m hoping to obtain a job teaching English in Brazil. Then I want to get my Master’s in International Education. I want to work in an office that helps students choose study abroad programs that are right for them and adjust to these experiences. I would also want to help incoming international students adjust to life in the United States.

HC Siena: So you want to be Greg [Jabaut]?

Yep. Either Greg or Meg [Verret]. I tell them that all the time.

HC Siena: What advice do you have for students wanting to travel?

My advice is that at first it seems like a very scary concept, but every second of it is worth it. When you are abroad, make sure that you’re immersing yourself in the community, experience a lot of the local culture and learning as much as you can. Also, try not to just stay with your American friends and try lots of new things.