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As someone who has spent almost every weekend at a bar during their junior and senior year of college, I feel qualified to review some of the most popular spots in Albany, New York. Here is my take on the top 6 bars my friends and I frequent the most.

Wolff’s Beirgarten

If you want to feel like you’re packed in like a can of sardines, go to Beirgarten! This is probably one of the most popular bars near my school, making it extremely crowded, especially on Thursday nights. This German bar in downtown Albany specializes in German bier and food. There’s also free peanuts that come in handy when you’re looking for some drunk munchies. This bar often has themed nights and a pong table in the back!

Waterworks Pub

Waterworks is one of Albanys most popular gay bar and dance club. This pub includes modern dance lights and a professional laser system. If you’re looking for a club vibe, Waterworks is one of the few options in Albany. People come here to go dancing with their friends. The pub offers karaoke downstairs, and dancing upstairs.

Lionheart Pub and Brewery

Lionheart is a classic social pub with an upstairs and downstairs bar. Lionheart is one of my favorites to visit because of the free popcorn, pool table, and darts. I have met many new people because of the social aspect of this bar.

The Yard

Want to throw axes when you’re inebriated? Come to The Yard! This bar includes axe throwing, a greenhouse, lawn games, and alcoholic ice cream.

The City Beer Hall

This is a popular bar that Siena students go to after a basketball game. This bar has two levels, one for socializing and one with a dj! The City Beer Hall offers various events that make it a popular choice for my friends and I.


Another popular gay bar, this pub’s message is, “If you’re Gay, Straight, Questioning, or otherwise, as long as you’re awesome, we welcome you to come check out OH Bar!!” This bar is another great choice for college students because they provide nightly events that are different every week! There is also an outdoor patio, karaoke, and great specials.

Michelle Harris is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. She studied Marketing during her time at Siena.