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It is completely understandable that not everyone reads or even enjoys reading. This is just a small guide to those who desire to begin reading. These are just tips that have helped me get into what is now a top three hobby for me.  

Find something you like

You may have heard that a lot, but that’s because it is honestly one of the best ways to get started. It doesn’t have to be a novel either: there are many different genres to choose from, as well as different types of books if you’re a fan of art alongside whatever story you are reading (for example graphic novels, comics and manga). It will genuinely make the entire act of reading, as well as finding a book, more enjoyable when you find something you like. If you’re reading an ongoing series of books, it is similar to waiting for a new season of your favorite show to come out.

Reading requires mindfulness and attentiveness

Though this part might not sound as appealing as the prior one, it is just as important. Reading requires a lot of your attention and focus in order for you to both enjoy it and get something out of it. In the same way that any other form of entertainment, such as movies, requires your undivided attention or else you’ll seldom know what is happening.

It is really enjoyable once you get a groove

Just like many things in life you will not be having a blast with reading the moment you start. Or maybe you might, everyone is different. Regardless, the longevity of your enjoyment is more important than momentary happiness. So whenever you start reading keep in mind whether or not you are enjoying it at the moment, once you find your groove or flow it will be that much more enjoyable. In this groove you will be completely entangled by the story in which you are reading and almost lose track of anything happening around you.

Hello, my name is Jovon Linton I am Freshman at Siena College I am majoring in Communications Journalism with a minor in Environmental Studies