8 Ways You Know It's Fall at Siena

Fall is a wonderful time of year: a time to break out the sweaters and boots and say goodbye to the humidity of summertime. Some aspects of fall are universal, but there are some that you can only find right here, on the beautiful Siena campus. So how do you know that it's fall at Siena?
1. Apple cider donuts appear in Saga. These glorious piles of deliciousness are only sighted at this time of year. Breakfast simply couldn’t be sweeter.

2. There are boots and scarves sightings all over campus. We all love this classic combination of both fashion and functionality. It’s a sure sign that fall is here!

3. Families flock to campus for Family Weekend. It’s always fun to see new faces on campus and enjoy all the activities SEB plans!

4. Fall decorations appear all around campus. The whole campus feels a little bit more like home. Corn stalks and pumpkins make even the walk to your 8 a.m. a little better.

5. The ideal study spots shift from the quad to the couches by the Million Dollar View. As it gets a little cooler outside, studying outside is a little less fun and a little more chilly. Now, the prime homework spots are the couches overlooking the baseball field, as the trees behind turn color. It may just be one of the prettiest spots on campus.

6. Your Instagram becomes full of fall foliage from all corners of campus. From Thompson Trail to Siena Hall, there’s no shortage of glimpses of the beautiful changing leaves--and your Insta feed reflects that.

7. Casey’s has hot apple cider! As if you needed another reason to love Casey’s--you can now get your fall fix right on campus.

8. You know there’s no place else you’d rather be. Siena is a beautiful place, especially at this time of year. Soak it all in, and remember this when the snow hits!