8 Reasons Why it's Great to be Back at Siena After Winter Break

We all know winter break is a lot of fun, and definitely well needed, but after a month of being home, I think we're all pretty excited to get back to school.  Here are eight reasons why we're happy to be back:


1. Escaping all of the questions that were getting harder and harder to answer.How are your grades? Do you have a boyfriend? What are you doing after college?


2. Not having to explain every detail to your parents before you go out was getting brutal.Who’s going? Who’s driving? Will there be drinking? When will you be home? Will you text me when you get there?


3. Getting to dress up again after a month of not caring about what you look like in public in your hometown.Yes, I am going to Wal-Mart in my pajamas because who am I trying to impress here at home? Finally back to cute outfits and "dressing to impress."


4. “Saga sitting” begins again.Sure sitting at home must be fun, but it doesn’t compare to sitting in saga for 2 hours while procratinating all responsibilities (and then failing your test just a few hours later).


5. Returning to a routine.Finally back to a weekly schedule, and no more scrambling to figure out your plans for the day.


6. All new classes. Hopefully your schedule will be different than last semester, and you’ll have all new (hopefully interesting) classes.


7. Everything will be right around you again. No more driving to dinner, the gym, or the post office, because now its all within walking distance again in our little "Siena bubble."


8. You’re back with your best friends again.Finally the late night facetime calls, the non-stop texting, and the 6-hour drives to see them are over. You’re all back together again living in the same building (or same room) and it cant get any better than that.