8 Benefits of Having Multiple Mentors

I started saying mentors pretty early on in my college career when I realized it was weird to explain, “I have lunch and seek the advice with some former teachers at least once a month, and they are amazing women that I am so thankful to have in my life.”

(Even though they have this face when talking to me half the time.)

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You get strange looks - really strange looks. But there are so many benefits to having those amazing teachers who had to put up with your adolescent shit.

1. You always get the best gossip in town.

Always. Every. Single. Time. You'll find out the real reason that teacher got fired and where exactly the money for the art department went.

2. They tell it to you straight.

When you're being an absolute idiot, they'll tell you without shame. There's no candy coating from them! 

Seriously...none. Ever. Your self-esteem will take a hit. They probably won't be sympathetic. 

3. Life advice is always free - no judgment.

Okay, a little judgment. And maybe an eye roll. And some scoffing. 

4. Sometimes, you just need to vent - or cry.

(I'm usually crying 😅.) They'll listen, and remind you that you've gotten through rough spots before - you’ll get through this one.

5. You can always learn from them - always.

How to do taxes? Check. How to stop pining over that ex-lover? Check. How to be a bossy nag who always gets what she wants? Double check.

6. If one mentor doesn't have an answer, you head to a different one.

Or even better - they band together and help you solve the problem at hand - with way too much coffee and some bickering of course 😉

7. You may learn how to navigate the workforce a bit easier.

After all, you've been prepped by their many, many stories about bad bosses and creepy coworkers. You know you've got this.

8. They become your family away from family.

They know you from a slightly different viewpoint than your friends and family. Who wouldn't love that?

In the end, I am insanely thankful for my mentors. They've kept me (relatively) sane throughout my college career, telling me when to stop worrying about x,y and z, or simply being a listening ear when I need them. I wouldn't be where I am without them. 

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