7 Things You Say to Your Mom During School Breaks

Each time I’m home from school for break, I’m so happy to be around my mom again. She’s nothing short of being an incredible person and an incredible mother. Needless to say, I find myself asking the same few questions every break.

   1.   “Where’s my _____?”​

Feel free to fill the blank with anything that you have ever owned, looked at, or possibly imagined. If your mom is anything like mine, she will remember not only where it is, but where the item was made, the exact day and time it was purchased, and the exact wind chill of the day it was bought. She’s clutch like that.

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   2.   “Ma, we have no food in the house.”

*Proceeds to open refrigerator door and cabinets every three minutes, in the hope that food will magically appear out of thin air.*

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   3.   “What’s for dinner?”

Yes, we are all more than capable of making ourselves dinner, but it’s always better when Mom makes it… like way better.

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   4.   “Can I borrow your jewelry/scarf/purse?”

So Mom might receive the borrowed items back several months later, but you won’t hear her yell at you; rather she will get happy seeing you wear the things that you borrowed from her (because moms are baes like that).

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   5.   “But why can’t you come with me to my doctor appointment?”

If blood has to be drawn or a shot has to be given, you best bet that momma dukes will be standing next to me holding my hand.

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   6.   “Do I actually have to reply to this Juror’s questionnaire, or is it sort of optional?”

Her response went something to the tune of, “Are you kidding me??”

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   7.   “Can you come with me back to college?”

Please and thank you!

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