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6 Ways to Look Stylish, Even When It’s Freezing Cold Out

We’re pretty sure that everyone’s getting sick of the freezing cold, windy, snowy weather that comes along with going to college in Upstate New York. At this point, it’s pretty tempting to go to class in pajama pants, slippers, and a fuzzy blanket wrapped around us for warmth. To save you from stooping to that level, here’s some tips to make your winter outfits cute and stylish while still staying warm!

1. Beanies

These are such a cute and practical way to keep warm during the winter! Pop on a neutral grey, black, or cream beanie (you can skip the pom-pom for a more simple look) and it will add a nice touch to literally any outfit! Plus, you’re totally off the hook if you’re having a bad hair day.

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2. Blanket Scarves

Ok, I know we’re trying to avoid the whole wearing a blanket to class thing, but here’s a sneaky way to get around it. Blanket scarves are a must-have for cold days, as they’re even more thick and warm than a regular scarf. Since these scarves are so big, they can basically make your entire outfit with no effort at all. Throw it on over a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater and some jeans or leggings and you’re set!

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3. Sweater Dresses

If you love wearing dresses in warmer weather but don’t know how to get away with it in freezing cold temps, sweater dresses are perfect for you. Find the thickest, giant sweater dress you can (with a turtleneck for added warmth) and throw it on with some tights or leggings and a pair of boots. You’ll be super cozy but still look like you tried really hard with your outfit because you’re wearing a dress!

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4. Over the Knee Socks / Boots

These are a big trend right now, but still a great way to help you stay warm! Suede over the knee boots are a great winter staple that can go with almost any outfit. It’s also a great idea to throw on some cozy over the knee socks under your riding boots or Hunter rainboots to add some extra warmth!

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5. Turtlenecks 

Here’s some good news for your neck: turtlenecks aren’t just for your grandma anymore! I’ve seen these styled all sorts of ways this winter: paired under jackets, tucked into skirts, with neckaces layered over top, and under slip dresses. You can also find tons of sweaters with turtlenecks now, too!

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6. Fuzzy Jackets/ Cardigans

While full-on fur coats might not be everyone’s style, this trend is a more wearable way to wear something like them. They come in all kinds of colors and styles, and can be easily paired over a simple t-shirt and jeans for a fashionable (but super cozy) look. I promise, it will be the softest thing you’ve ever worn!

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Emma is a senior English major, Writing and Communcations minor, and CC of Her Campus Siena. An aspiring editor for a fashion magazine, she dreams of one day having a stylish apartment in the Upper East Side complete with her ultimate shoe closet. Emma also documents everything about her life from her winged eyeliner and OOTD's to her latest adventure or iced coffee run on her blog, emmaburkard.com, and her Instagram @emmaburkardd.
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