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6 Things You Know if Your Mom is Your Best Friend

In my personal experience, the bond between a mother and daughter grows stronger as you get older. If you told the eleven-year-old brat child that was me that I would refer to my mom as my best friend in a few years, I would have probably laughed in your face and then continued with the temper tantrum that came with her not giving me my way.

But once I entered high school and then college, she became my rock and the person I look up to most, as well as the most cherished constant in my life, and with that comes a few things you can relate to if you share this same relationship with your mom. 

1. She’s the first person you want to tell any kind of news. 

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The second I get a good grade on a paper, or something happened with a guy or a friend, the great dress I found in Forever 21 the other day, if a professor said something to me, even literally the tiniest news ever like that there’s a hole in my favorite shirt or I ran out of my favorite food…the second something happens to me, the only thought that goes through my head is, “I have to tell my mom about this” which leads to her knowing literally every single detail of my life and me calling her way more times throughout a day than is necessary.

2. Speaking of calling…You call her all the time. 24/7. Any time any thing happens to you. 

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I call my mom at least fifty times a day about the smallest, insignificant things sometimes. Oh, my coffee tasted a little off today? Better call Mom and complain about it. Oh, I got a great grade on a test? Better call Mom to slightly brag about it. Oh, I’m wearing a really cute outfit today? Better call Mom and let her know she is missing out on not seeing me in it today. 

3. You genuinely are confused when people tell you that they don’t get along with their mom. 

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Like, I’m sorry but… what? How? Who do you tell all your drama to? Who do you hang out with on breaks? How do you survive? I don’t get it??

4. Even when you did a stupid thing and don’t want to tell her about the stupid thing… you tell her about the stupid thing. 

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She’ll play the mom role and bluntly tell you that you did a stupid thing, and then will give really good advice that you might not want to hear. But you listen to her and then she’ll talk to you like a friend. You know even if she disagrees with you she’ll always be on your side and listen to what you have to say. You’ll always have a friend in her, which is so nice because you will literally never be scared to talk to her about anything.

5. No topic is off limits. 

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Relationships and relationship drama with guys or friends, good grades and bad grades, the trouble you get into on the weekends, hook-ups, literally anything – you can talk to her about it. And you don’t just get to talk about it with your mom, but you get to talk to her like she’s just another one of your girlfriends. 

6. You know you will always have a best friend in her. 

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High school and college friends will come and go, but your mom is kind of stuck with you for life. My mom and I disagree, we fight over stupid things, we say things that we don’t mean, but at the end of the day I know she has my back and is willing to listen to me and talk things out with me. And unlike some of your college and high school friends, your mom is much, much smarter than you (which you will deny until a certain age) and is the best person to go to for advice because she has been there and she has done that. Appreciate her.

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