5 Reasons You’ll LOVE Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Hair Products

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We all want to find hair care products that bring out our natural beauty and help us look our best. However, it’s also pretty great to find products that are better for us AND for the environment as well. You can have both with Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

Need some more convincing? Here are 5 reasons you’ll LOVE NYM Clean Freak Hair Products:


1. No harsh chemicals!

NYM Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner is made without sulfates, silicones, parabens, or dyes - all of that nasty stuff that’s bad for your hair and for the environment.


2. Not tested on animals!

Who wants to wash their hair knowing that, by using a certain product, they are contributing to animal testing? Not me, that’s for sure. All NYM products, including this shampoo/conditioner combo, are tested only by their staff and never on animals.


3. The conditioner contains quinoa.

We all know how good and delicious quinoa is - now imagine how great it’ll be in your hair! NYM Clean Freak Purifying Conditioner contains the quinoa protein, which helps moisturize your hair and keep your locks gorgeous all day long.


4. It has a lovely minty smell.

This is personally one of my favorite parts. I love me a nice minty scent, and NYM Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner is a great way for me to get my day started right. It is just the burst of energy that I need in the morning, but the calming scent of the mint would certainly help you get sleepy if you prefer to wash your hair at night.


5. You can try it now for free in Her Campus Siena’s Spring Break Survival Kits!

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