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5 Nail Polish Colors for Fall

One of the best things about fall, in my opinion, is being able to wear autumnal nail polish colors. As it gets chillier, the leaves change and so should your nail polish color! Here are some of the best nail polish colors to spice up your manicure this fall:

1. A go-to nail polish color for fall is a maroon or brick red color.

This color is a classic during the colder months and screams fall. 

2. A nice rust, burnt orange color is a fall must-have.

This is a great color to brighten up your skin, so it won’t look dull during the fall months.  

3. An out of the box fall nail polish color is hunter green.

This is a nice color if you want to stray away from the traditional colors in the red family like maroon. 

4. If you’re not into deep or bright colors during the fall, a taupe or grey-ish tan color is the perfect color for you.

Taupe is the epitome of fall in my mind and gives your nails a classy, neutral look that is to die for this season.  

5. Opt for a shiny nail polish color this fall.

Metallic colors such as copper and rose gold are a necessity during this season. These nail polish colors will add a fun touch to your fall outfits.   

Samantha Cooke is a Siena College Class of 2021 alumna. She studied English Education during her time at Siena.