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13 Questions We’re Dying to Know About Fuller House

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

When I heard that Full House would be having a reunion, I’m not gonna lie; I flipped my sh*t. This was the day I’d been dreaming of since I was eight-years-old, when I realized that Michelle’s awful amnesia episode was the end of the story. My favorite TV family, the one that had taught me so much about responsibility, loving yourself as you are, and being there for those who need you, and the quirky girl next door that taught me to keep being me, no matter who told me otherwise; the family that made me laugh and cry and question myself all before puberty had ever even hit, was going to be back on my screen! Aw, yes.

But then, to make matters all the more glorious, it turned out that it wouldn’t just be a reunion. It would be a reboot! An entire season, thanks to the greatest invention ever known as Netflix, available to me all at once on the day after the 22nd anniversary of my birth. Oh, happy (birth)day!

But with excitement comes curiosity, and amidst the celebrations, question after question began to unfold in my head. We’ve seen behind-the-scenes shots, mini teasers, a special promo from the filming of the first episode, and, most recently, a full-fledged trailer, all of which served to answer some questions, induce others, and make us all the more curious for what we don’t yet know.

1) I think that at our age, we’ve all come to learn that Bob Saget is not, in fact, a guy you want around your kids. So how do the girls, all grown up, feel about working with him again?

2) Due to some weird, there-but-not-there conflict between the Olsen’s and Jon Stamos, and the respectable fact that the Olsen’s have left the acting business, Michelle will not be making an appearance. BUT, they have a little sister that looks exactly like them, so why can’t we have our Michelle??

Plot Twist: Michelle is an Avenger (I later found out that Elizabeth Olsen was asked, and turned down the role).

3) Has Danny toned it down at all over the years, or are hugs and a swiffer still going to solve everything?

4) Speaking of Danny, did he and Vicki ever find their ways back to each other? Please, oh please, tell me they did!

5) More than twenty years later, can everyone but DJ possibly still be picking on Kimmy? (The full trailer shows that yes, they can.)

6) More than twenty years later, can Kimmy still be too nosy, too intrusive, and all around groan inducing?

I guess I can see why the answer to number 5 is “yes”.

7) Jesse and the Rippers, or nah?

8) As we know from the press releases, DJ was not married to Steve. This is bad for our little shipper hearts, but good because it means Steve did not die, and there is still hope for our little shipper hearts!

9) Steve is gonna be there, RIGHT?


Some things never change.

10) DJ is moving back into the original house, with her three children, but where does everyone else live? They still own the house, so Danny must live there. Do Jesse and Becky still live in the attic? What about the twins? Where does Joey live? How can your house still be that full more than twenty years later?!

11) Stephanie is apparently an aspiring musician, so I think the most important question here is, I Saw the Sign remix or nah?

12) Stephie and the Rippers or nah?!

13) And, finally, where can I get my hands on that cat cardi?


What are you most curious about/excited for when it comes to Fuller House?

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