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HC-Sam Houston Review: Florence + the Machine

           Music seems to have lost it way, so some say. We live in the world of Bieber Fever and the next winner of American Idol.  Rarely does an artist emerge that invokes feeling and a relationship between speaker and ears.  That is until Florence and The Machine,  a British  band  that has transitioned into the American music stream. With much credit to the Brits since they have brought us the lovely Adele, lead singer Florence Welch is another soulful voice to add to our playlist.
            A former Camberwell art college student, Florence Welch has been belting notes with her magnificent voice that rivals Adele.  Although these musicians have different musical styles,  Florence and The Machine’s new album Ceremonialsquenches the thirst for more Adele.  Florence Welch’s voice hits dynamite notes with the help of the unique instrumentation that combines with the power of Welch’s voice that categorizes Ceremonials into a must-have-must-listen to album of the year.
             Florence and The Machine is nothing without the lyrics that invoke the emotions of every listener, such as “No Light, No Light”, “Seven Devils” and “Shake It Out”. As a personal favorite “No Light, No Light” represents how long Florence Welch can keep a note, not only does this song represent Florence Welch’s singing abilities but also the writing ability. The most heart-wrenching line of this song has to be, “To the crowd I was crying out and/ In your place there were a thousand other faces”. There is something about that line that measures the distant relationship between people.  The lyric to every song enter each beat of your heart and remains stuck for days in your brain.  If you are looking for a new artist to listen to, Ceremonialsis the album to get acquainted with Florence and The Machine.  Ceremonials will curl your toes and give you the magnificent butterfly feeling of this amazing band.

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