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Erica Dorman ’12


Relationship Status: Single

Hometown:Buffalo, Texas

Major and Career Goals:My major is Family and Consumer Sciences. My dream job would be to work for a sports or entertainment venue coordinating events.

Dream Guy:My dream guy would be someone who is tall, has dark hair and green eyes, and he has to have a good job. He also has to love football, preferably the Cowboys.

Turn Offs:My turn offs are guys who have no life or future and dudes that don’t like football.

Favorite Movie:The Titanic. I have a thing for historic and tragic love stories.

Interests:I love football, family, friends, movies, penguins, sunglasses, being creative, meeting people, and Facebook.

Typical Weekend/Late-Night Activity:On the weekends I like to go out and be social. I don’t care what I do, but I don’t want to just be sitting at home.

I chose SHSU because…:  I chose SHSU because I wanted to go to a four-year university that wouldn’t have huge class sizes, and was still close to home.

Lauren Hall is a senior English major at Sam Houston State University, minoring in Secondary Education. She considers herself a typical Southern girl, having grown up in the small town of Teague, Texas (pop. 4,500). When she's not busy with school work, Lauren is probably spending time with her large family, her twin sister, and her five best friends, who she has been friends with since preschool. She loves to read, cook, travel, and spend time at her family's lakehouse and at church. After graduation, Lauren plans on getting a job teaching high school English and journalism. She plans to start on her Master's degree as soon as possible, and hopes to eventually teach at the college level.
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