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10 Profiles Every College Student Should Follow on Twitter

1. @whitegrlproblem
        -Recently published writer Babe Walker expressed her daily “white girl problems” consisting of dieting, dating, and socializing. These tweets are thoughts that we all think to ourselves, but usually never say out loud.
2. @90sgirlproblem
        -If you were born in or lived through the 90s, relating to these tweets won’t be difficult. Relive your childhood and be nostalgic. You’ll probably find yourself wanting to watch reruns of Full House or stock up on Lisa Frank school supplies.
3. @TexasHumor
        – Are you a true Texan? This twitter account gives familiarity to fellow Texans and possibly a strange perspective for outsiders. Read tweets that deal with typical Texas topics like inconsistent weather, Texas landmarks, delicious Texas food, and of course – sports.
4. @free
        -If you follow this account, you’re sure to get awesome deals, coupons, and free items. I recently got a $10 credit for my Kindle!
5. @universifree
        -Similar to @free, but more student-inclined. Writers Haley and Josh provide college assistance with advice, scholarships, and numerous educational offers.
6. @TheIlluminati
        -Not really THE illuminati, but this twitter account has daily enlightening quotes. If you’re looking for inspiration, encouragement, or insight, follow this account.
7. @PresSamHouston
        -Fellow Bearkats, represent your university by following its namesake and the humerous profile of Texas’s first president. Have a good laugh at Sam’s jokes and feuds with rival Stephen F. Austin and his university.
8. @kellyoxford
        -This mother of three tweets her blunt, but hilarious thoughts dealing with motherhood, entertainment, and social culture.
9. @crazygfprobz
        -Ever been told you’re “crazy”? Find out if it’s true with these tweets. Though some of these tweets are  truly psychotic, they mostly provide relief that not all girlfriends are crazy. But they also give us a good laugh.
10. @_collegeproblem
        -We all have our own college problems. From boring classes to weird peers, find your problem right here and relate to the rest of us in distress.

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